What 3D Lipo treatment do I need? 


Cryolipolysis: is a treatment for stubborn packets of fat. Works well on superficial fat. Benefits clients looking for body sculpting.

Cavitation: is a treatment for deeper fat. Larger clients with at least 3cm of fat looking for inch loss treatments.  Works well on abdomen, flanks, legs and buttocks.

Radio Frequency: Skin tightening and fat ‘melting’. 4 pixel hand piece works well on facial skin tightening and skin tightening on the body after cavitation. 6 pixel hand piece beneficial for a thinner fat layer for smoothing and skin tightening.

3D dermology: Lymphatic drainage, increase in blood circulation and smoothing of cellulite. Beneficial after all 3d-lipo applications to improve the appearance of the skin and smoothness of cellulite.


Here are some examples of how our treatments can help you - 

Client 1

Younger healthy client, no loose skin, but has pockets of fat in stubborn areas. 

 3d lipo treatments in north wales

Cryo would be the best treatment for this client, placed on each pocket of fat for 45 minutes


Client 2

Excess fat in a few areas.  Concentrate on treating one problem area first (ie abdomen).  This client has approximately 3 cm of fat so cavitation would be beneficial.  A course of 8 treatments recommended with treatments 1 x weekly.  This client may need radio frequency skin tightening and 3d-dermology as part of her course.

3d lipo treatment in chester


Client 3

Mature client, not much fat on the area but has loose skin.  Radio Frequency would be suitable for this client a course of 8 treatments 1 x weekly.  3d-dermology can be included to aid lymph drainage and increase blood circulation to the skin.


3d lipo treatments in st asaph 


Client 4

Thicker fatty layer plus stubborn pockets of fat.  Combine a course of cavitation, Cryo and vacuum rolling.  Treatment 1, Cavitation and 3d-dermology.  Treatment 2, Cryo on the pockets of fat, then treatments 3-8 cavitation and 3d-dermology. 

3d lipo in denbighshire


Client 5

Male client with large abdomen.  Cavitation is recommended course of 8 sessions 1 x weekly.  3d-dermology would be beneficial to aid drainage.

3d lipo in cheshire


Client 6

Loose skin on tummy with a small layer of fatty tissue.  Radio frequency with the 4 pixel hand piece and 3d-dermology.  A course of 8 treatments recommended 1 x weekly.


3d lipo in cheshire 


Client 7

Mature client cellulite and loose skin on legs, not much fatty tissue.  Recommended treatment would be radio frequency for skin tightening and 3d-dermology for increase lympahtic drainage and improving the smoothness of the skin. A course of 8 treatments 1 x weekly.  Treat the front of the legs on one course and the back of the legs on a second course


3d lipo treatments in wales 


Client 8

Cellulite on legs, water retention, excess fatty tissue.  Recommended treatment would be Cavitation on edematous cellulite setting.  20 mins on P1 then repeat on the same area 20 mins on P3.  Follow this with RF for skin tightening and 3d dermology for lymphatic drainage and improved smoothness.  Treat the front of the legs on one course and the back of the legs on a second course.

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