The Nefertiti Lift..  

The Nefertiti Lift is a non-surgical treatment for a defined jawline and neck lift.

So who was Nefertiti? She was an Egyptian queen known for her smooth neck and sculptured jawline. Hence the Nefertiti-inspired title given to this Botox led treatment resulting in the Nefertiti effect.

As we age, the effects of gravity, genetics, and the environment, cause our skin to slacken as we lose elasticity. Our bone structure becomes less visible as the taut contours of youth give way. The Nefertiti Lift redefines the elegant lines of the jaw and neck for a youthful, tighter, more contoured appearance.

The treatment consists of Botox being injected along the lower jawline and the platysma muscles in the neck area, providing an uplifting effect to the neck and jaw area. By relaxing the muscles the facial muscles create an upward pull, reducing the sagginess of the areas.

Results should become apparent within 2-3 weeks post treatment – you will see the jawline lifting. You may need to top up the treatment approximately every 3-6 months to maintain the desired effect.

The treatment won’t replicate a face lift, but it can enhance the jawline for suitable patients.

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