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What is the cause of hyperhidrosis?

Although neurologic, metabolic, and other systemic diseases can sometimes cause excessive sweating, most cases occur in people who are otherwise healthy with normal sweat glands. Heat and emotions may trigger hyperhidrosis in some, but many who suffer from hyperhidrosis sweat nearly all the time, regardless of their mood or the weather. Our treatment methods are guaranteed to stop excessive sweating irrespective of the area affected.

Our Hyperhidrosis treatment

When treating hyperhidrosis topical and oral medication, iontophoresis and invasive surgery don't yield the desired results in majority of patients. In fact surgery can result in compensatory excessive sweating in other parts of the body in about 30-40% of patients. Using Botox injections for alleviating hyperhidrosis circumvents all these complications. The Botox binds to the nerves that controls sweating in the skin, and reduces sweating in the area for 4-6 months without having compensatory effects. Clinical studies have proven that this treatment reduces the amount of sweating by 75 - 80% times.