The Benefits of Skinade... 

Collagen plays a vital role in the appearance of your skin and helps to preserve its firmness, elasticity and youthful appearance.

Skinade is the only liquid food supplement recommended by beauty professionals, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. It contains a unique blend of hydrolysed marine collagen (7000mg), calcium ascorbate, MSM, B vitamin complex, organic flax seed and l-lysine. These active ingredients are essential for your skin’s hydration, radiance, elasticity and to increase the production of collagen in your skin.

Skinade is precisely formulated to be easily absorbed by your body.

The effects of ageing on your skin

  • Every year from our early to mid-twenties we lose nearly 1.5% of the collagen in our skin
  • This collagen loss decreases the skin’s supporting structure and elasticity.
  • Thinning and sagging skin leads to fine lines and wrinkles.


Improving your skin...

Skinade’s ingredients work synergistically to achieve the best possible anti-ageing results for your skin. Our patent-pending formula utilises high-grade collagen and essential micronutrients to help your body rebuild and strengthen the collagen matrix.

The special collagen in skinade has a low molecular weight enabling rapid absorption and transportation to where it is needed. The collagen fibres formed, strengthen the collagen matrix in the dermis. Collagen improves skin elasticity by increasing the density of fibroblasts (the cells responsible for rebuilding connective tissue), and improves skin hydration and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Drinking skinade also stimulates the body’s own natural collagen production. When the body senses collagen in the blood stream, it stimulates the production of fibroblasts reinforcing the collagen matrix and playing a critical role in wound healing.

This dual action makes skinade a highly effective skincare solution. Consumed on a daily basis, it effectively returns your body to a younger state of collagen production, resulting in a visibly more youthful appearance.


Benefits you will see...

After using skinade, consumers have reported the following results:

    • After 4 to 6 days they begin to feel a difference in their skin: It is softer and more hydrated.
    • After 10 to 14 days they begin to see a visible difference in their skin: It is more uniform, smoother, radiant and glowing.
    • Between 2 to 4 weeks skin starts to appear firmer and fuller with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
    • After the 4 to 6 weekly skin-renewal cycle, the improvements continue to build. Individual results will vary but, with continued use on a daily basis, your skin will continue to improve.

The appearance of your skin will continue to improve for as long as you incorporate Skinade into your daily skincare regime. If you stop taking Skinade for a short period e.g. over a weekend, results will be maintained. However, if you stop completely, your skin will begin to slowly lose the benefits you have gained.

Individual results may vary depending on genetics and lifestyle. Factors such as smoking, sunlight, diet, including sugar and alcohol consumption, stress and lack of sleep all play an important part in your health and your skin’s appearance.


Benefits for your body...

30% of your body is made up of connective tissue or collagen, which is not only found in your skin, but also in your joints, hair and nails.

The collagen in skinade is highly bio-available enabling the body to repair and renew connective tissue.

Consumers have reported the following benefits:

  • Healthier, stronger and faster-growing hair and nails.
  • An improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

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